Driving Tips and Tricks Which All Drivers Ought to Master

Many of these nuggets of wisdom are particularly aimed at the younger drivers – you know the ones, they get their drivers license and all of a sudden think that they’re Dale Earnhardt Jr. Getting your driver’s license is really just the beginning – there are lots of things which you need to learn in order to drive not and safely annoy every other driver on the road.


Having said that …

1. They are all blind, they are all deaf, they are all incompetent and they are all trying to get you, although remember that all other road users are your enemy – not really. Using this theory should help to keep you out of trouble on the roads.

2. Driving is enough of a job without trying to do anything else as well. Multi-tasking is not something you should practice while driving – don’t text, don’t drink, don’t read, don’t eat and don’t do anything you shouldn’t be doing – just drive. You’ve gotta keep your attention on the road ahead in order to drive safely.

3. Look where you’re going, that’s always the safest bet. Don’t just look at the car directly in front of you, look as far ahead as you can see from time to time and focus your attention on what’s coming up ahead which will give you longer to react to potentially hazardous situations. This is not only better for you but also for the cars following you along the road.


4. Tailgating is not good fun, it does not make you macho, it does not make you clever – it is downright dangerous. If the car you are following has to slow down or even stop abruptly you’ve got to have plenty of room to do the same – unless you really want to park your car in his trunk! If you do happen to park your car in his trunk you could always check out some great new ones at Chevrolet in Fontana.

5. Always turn into a skid – this is a terrific self preservation technique which may come naturally to you, or then again it may not. If you find yourself in an emergency situation which ends in a skid point the steering wheel the way you need to go. This should come more naturally if you look in that direction – look at where you need to be instead of whatever you are trying to avoid.

6. Signaling is good – (they’ll have told you that when you were learning to drive) however, just because you make a signal a space will not magically appear. Signal then check out any blind spots before pulling out to the next lane.

7. Four Wheel drive is great in the snow, but it won’t automatically save you. Just because you happen to drive a car which is reasonably good in snowy conditions it does not mean that you should drive faster than everybody else on the roads – drive like a jackass in the snow and you will need more than a 4 wheel drive to save you. Having said that, there are some superb 4WD and AWD at mountainviewchevroletrialto.com (but not for jackasses).


8. Merging is not difficult, just go with the flow. Unfortunately this whole procedure seems to be impossible for some drivers, think of yourself as a part of the traffic flow and not just a single car pitting its wits against the others. Slow down or speed up as necessary but just go with the flow, and once you’ve joined the flow for goodness sake put your foot on the speed and gas up a bit.

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