Sleek and unexpected ideas for a first date

First dates can be the best if they go right, but it’s so hard to make the impression that you want. There are so many things you might not have control of that could go wrong like traffic, the quality of the food you eat, and most importantly, the chemistry. All this doesn’t even compare to the things that you do have control of. When I’m nervous, I blabber and forget to think before I speak. A smart and classy woman turns me to putty, and my confidence seeps away leaving me helpless. A great way to combat your first date woes is to plan accordingly. Try doing something different and unexpected. A great way to make your first date memorable is to kill two birds with one stone. If you’re looking for a new car, take your date on a test drive of a new Ford and impress her with your driving skills, your practical nature and your impeccable taste. Make an amazing first impression and take your lucky date down to Colton Ford and I promise you, that lucky man or woman will be on the phone with friends in no time boasting about your creative nature. Maybe that idea isn’t up your alley? Do some research at and try something different.


You can’t go wrong with a comedy show. While many comedy shows are duds, at the very least, someone else is making the bad jokes. At the very best, you and your lucky date will be crying tears of laughter and bonding over a few lip loosening cocktails. One of the great things about a comedy show is that it lets you off the hook. Just a little bit at least. I’m lucky enough to live in southern California where there is no shortage of great comedy and musical concerts, both perfect activities for a first date. A good hint about if you and your new date are compatible is if you both laugh at the same time or are interested in the same styles of music.


If you live in a place with natural beauty, take advantage of it. I love the opportunity to share with a girl my knowledge of local hiking trails and spots that are off the beaten path. Girls will be impressed that you know your way around and if they’re not, well then maybe they’re not the right one for you. I know a few hikes near me that offer spectacular views of the city and are exciting enough to introduce new conversation and opportunity to get to know one another better. If the date is going great, why not pull out a bottle of wine or a snack and show that lucky first timer both how knowledgeable and prepared you can be. Don’t forget, knowledge is power and power is sexy, so take a risk and be original!


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