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Audi A5 Cabrio tuning by Project Kahn

Audi A5 Cabrio tuning   Audi A5 is fantastic model, which is having good design and great acceleration and speed. Definitely this car is amazing in any point of view. After launching the Audi A5 Cabrio we understood that Audi engineers are having great ideas and they might come from another planet, because this was really much more beautiful than the previous model.

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Audi S5 tuning by StaSIS

Audi S5 Challenge Edition The Audi S5 got all the eyes of the official presentation last months and the car really has great dynamics and speed. The American tuning company StaSIS made new amazing tuning packages of Audi S5. The tuners definitely like the brand of Audi and prefer to improve these cars in their latest developments. The engineers of StaSIS made mostly the mechanic changes of the car, but also had small changes in the exterior and interior of the car.

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Audi revealed the new A5 DTM

Audi A5 DTM Audi revealed the new sports car for the DTM championship for the next season. Early this month the main rivals of the company also presented their cars, but definitely the most interesting car was left for the last presentation. Audi decided to substitute the old Audi A4 car with Audi A5, but will keep the old 8-cylinder engine with power of 460 hp. However the company made some changes to improve dynamics and acceleration of the car. Over the aggregate definitely will be made some additional changes, but it will be installed again in 6 stages transmission, used in Audi A4 DTM. For Audi A5 DTM will have carbon fiber body, while the side columns will be made from an innovative blend from carbon, Zylon and Rohacell.From Audi are planning to present officially A5 DTM on the next large exhibition, when will be announced all the data over the car with additional test drives, dynamic characteristics and technology data.

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